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Learn about our carefully curated selection of varietals and our unique processing method

Rooted in tradition and focused on quality


Our Varietals

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This natural mutation of the Bourbon variety is Our loyal varietal that has stood the test of time and has helped Aquiares consolidate as a high-quality producing farm. Washed Process – Pulp & mucilage detached Mechanically washed ,partial fermentation, 32 hours “Guardiola” drying, 45ºC – 55ºC range. Harvest periods: September 2021 - January 2022

Flavor profile: cacao-like aroma, dark caramel, citric acidity, cane sugar, delicate fruity undertones, and balanced body.

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Our honey-processed coffee comes from selected high altitude lots in the farm, which are carefully hand-picked and brought in small batches of separate varieties to be de-pulped at the Beneficio. By leaving the mucilage attached, and allowing coffee to a slow (2-3 weeks) sun drying process, we have come to obtain a cup with a complexity that transcends borders, with unique caramel and fruity characteristics.

Shop Our Freshly Roasted Coffee

We offer exclusive traceability to our best micro-lot coffees, with distinct single varietals, and select processing methods roasted in Aquiares, and delivered worldwide. 

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