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views of turialba from the aquiares coffee farm



Visit us to experience life on a coffee estate and to learn how exceptional coffee is made

farming premium coffee in the slopes of turriabla volcano aquiares

Aquiares lies on the slopes
of Turrialba Volcano

Since 1890, coffee has flourished here, where organic soils and abundant rainfall have created an ideal terroir for aromatic coffee.

Streams flow between lush rainforests where tall Ceiba trees give shade to Arabica coffee varietals. Inside the farm, a vibrant community lives and breathes coffee, and shares the commitment towards a sustainable, premium product.


Aquiares is not only Costa Rica's largest coffee estate, but a proven regenerative agriculture model, with Rainforest Alliance Certification and the first coffee farm to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

We invite you to visit and share our passion for specialty coffee. 



Coffee is just the start...

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Aquiares, a paradise nestled amid 600 hectares of lush, shaded coffee plantations and 200 hectares of protected rainforest. Our local experts will guide you on a journey of discovery, from indulging in the art of coffee tasting to learning the secrets of processing and the creation of exquisite specialty micro-lots. Saddle up and feel the freedom of horseback riding through our 60km of roads that wind through the picturesque coffee fields, where you can spot more than 130 species of dazzling birds. Rejuvenate yourself under the cascading veil of our breathtaking 30-meter waterfall, or relish our farm-to-table menu and authentic cuisine. The choice is yours—together, let's create unforgettable memories.


Discover Hacienda
La Esperanza

This century-old villa holds the history Aquiares in its wooden floors, coffee-related artwork. Enjoy incredible home cooked meals and take in the natural richness in its exclusive 2-acre lush garden. 

Shop Our Freshly Roasted Coffee

We offer exclusive traceability to our best micro-lot coffees, with distinct single varietals, and select processing methods roasted in Aquiares, and delivered worldwide. 

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