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We are constantly working to make direct trade relationships with roasters and coffee drinkers


We manage our entire production chain of our coffee

Starting with seedling production and continuing through cultivation, hand picking and milling, our success in managing the coffee production chain is proven by our consistently high quality coffee.

Our medullar value is compliance. This requires a chain of fulfillments that start on the field with the strict respect of the norms under which we grow coffee. This is followed by the careful processing in our own mill and the traceability given to every bean.

With Aquiares, quality and traceability are always guaranteed.

Our Varietals 

coffee grain ready to to pick in Aquiares Coffee farm


Green apple, caramelized orange and cane sugar

coffee grain ready to to pick in Aquiares Coffee farm

Entre Rios

Cacao, caramelized hazelnut and red cherry 

coffee grain fresh from Aquiares Costa Rica


Lemon pie, cinnamon, dark chocolate and cane sugar

coffee grain ready to to pick in Aquiares Coffee farm


Apricot, roasted walnuts, cane sugar and dark chocolate

The Robelos 1.png

"Harvest after harvest, we have been able to develop unique cup profiles because we are obsessed with quality, and how to achieve it through genetics, processing and drying methods. Our clients prefer us because we offer a huge range of coffees, from innovative to highly reliable classics, which are all produced under the same core values."

Diego Robelo | General Manager

Standing at the forefront of a changing coffee industry

The farm's agricultural objective is to find the synergies between environmental health and coffee plant health. Such synergies ultimately create long-term stability in the production of high-quality coffee.

Aquiares also takes the time to give individual care and attention to each of its trees. This means that each plant is receives just what it needs to produce high quality coffee.  As an example, each tree is pruned individually - as oppose to pruning by row or lot.


The Aquiares brand is defined by such a sustainable agricultural approach that both ensures quality and promotes environmental responsibility.


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